The Madman Development’s roots are in the Automotive industry, having started with an early warning system and monitor for turbo diesel 4x4s, the requirements of the industry have been taken care of. We have a solution for you, from the humbleEMS1 and EMS2 we are expanding to a new colour unit as well as a customisable BRAVO! Unit that brings in a whole new wave of advanced monitoring and control systems.

The popularity of the products have enabled the system to spread out into other branches of the sector such as street cars, track cars, trucks and fleets

Industrial Plant & Mining

Due to the varying requirements in this industry, a semi-customised solution is required.
Our soon-to-be-released BRAVO! Unit was designed with this in mind.

Stationary plant equipment, be it engine or electric powered, can benefit from full local monitoring, monitoring and control via GSM, multiple configurable outputs and extensive data logging capability on all inputs. This gives you the ability to keep an eye on things when nobody is around, establish trends and prevent failures before they occur and to control the unit from the Internet.

Yellow Metal

Yellow metal comes in many shapes and sizes but they all require very rugged, dust proof systems to take care of machines working in low maintenance, dusty and dirty environments by semi-skilled operators. Machines are expensive and downtime is even more costly.

The Madman BRAVO! System can address these issues with an optional IP68 enclosure, optional operator display, multiple inputs capable of reading hydraulic pressures and temperatures, engine variables, machine inclination (Angles of operation), geolocation and GSM to send operational shift data to the head office. If the machine is working in a zero coverage area, the system can log all operational data for years and download it when required, so you never miss a beat. The benefit being that all maintenance and potential breakdowns can be foreseen from the relative order manager’s office, off-site and action can be taken to remove a machine from service for repair before it breaks down on site or causes a safety risk to others.


Marine monitoring is a new avenue for the Madman products, mainly because we refused to sell or systems to sea-water based vessels due to the nature of our EMS1 and EMS2 units relating to water ingress and corrosion.

The BRAVO! Unit , to be released in 2019 will be wholly suitable to all forms of marine applications, from barges, tugs and fishing trawlers, to yachts, power boats and costal based machinery such as dock cranes, pumps, winches etc.

With it’s IP68 sealed housing and your Android based smart phone, You can use the Bluetooth linked electronic dashboard to display and configure all the essential and critical systems on your vessel. With several outputs, may actions can be taken by the system to keep your vessel afloat and moving.

You can make use of controls like bilge level warning automatic pumping, fuel transfer, various temperatures and pressures, engine rpm, and fuel flow/usage, to name a few. The system has geolocation and GSM with remote monitoring so even when you are not on board you can keep an eye on things or if something goes wrong the system can alert you.

Custom Developments

The Madman BRAVO! Family of monitoring and control units have been developed to enable custom configurations to suit almost any application.

The mainboard of the unit can provide 8 outputs, some of which can provide analogue signals (PWM) for motor control or similar. There are multiple digital and analogue inputs able to read from almost any sensor or switch including temperatures, pressures, mass etc. Pulse counters can be configured for speed, rpm, flowrate, machine operations, product counting etc.

The inputs can be configured to read rpm, speed, flow (fuel, water, gas etc), temperatures (water, oil, engine, furnace, boiler, fridge etc) even special inputs can be accommodated such as mass from strain gauges, distances, light , acceleration, geographic variables like position, angle, acceleration, inclination.