Product History & Future

The Madman EMS2 engine monitoring system has its roots in the small aircraft industry from around 2005.
Initially it was a reprogrammed aircraft instrument, but it was quickly redeveloped to be more vehicle specific while always retaining the reliability and accuracy of the aviation industry.
Later the EMS2 got more functions and a new housing.

Along the way the EMS1 was created specifically for the automotive market. With its surface mounted design and larger screen it had appeal to a new audience. The EGT (EGT-only gauge) and CLD (Coolant Level Detector) were added to the lineup.

Both the EMS1, EMS2 and EGT1 were phased out in 2019 due to an aging design and parts scarcity, the EMS3 was released later that year. The EMS3 with its bright colour screen and round enclosure replaces the square monochrome EMS2 but the EMS3 remains backwardly compatible to legacy EMS2 installations.

Product Future

The EMS4 is planned for 2020 and will replace the monochrome surface mounted EMS1 unit. Features and functions are not confirmed yet but it will have the same input and output functions as the EMS3, possibly with a touch screen for simple navigation and a thin enclosure for neater installations.

The CLD2 will be complimented by a new family of mini-monitors that monitor only 2 inputs each and get configured and monitored via a phone app. They are intended give excellent system protection at low cost.

The BRAVO is a product is an extremely versatile product designed for a very wide range of applications.
The design is such that all configuration, calibration and monitoring is done using the DASH phone App.
There will be huge benefits to Construction and industrial machines, High end luxury vehicles, Crowded-dash vehicles, fleet operators, workshop owners, racing teams, rental vehicle operators and engine tuners.

The BRAVO unit’s major features will include long term data logging, internet connectivity, cloud management, GPS, accelerometer, inclinometer, real time clock and more. All features and functions will be software locked and can be bought as required, keeping the costs down.

The Madman BRAVO will be released in 2020, initially as a pre-launch model for field testing to selected users.