EMS3 Replacement Unit

This is the EMS3 unit alone, no wiring harness. Intended to replace a damaged, stolen faulty unit.

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Full Features

Requires additional sensors and adapters purchased separately or as a kit

  • High resolution, high brightness colour screen

  • 52mm round automotive housing

  • Dedicated EGT / Thermocouple input with timelapse display

  • Dedicated Coolant Level Detector input

  • Dedicated RPM input

  • External buzzer output

  • Customizable auto dimming sensor for bright or dark environments

  • 4 separately customisable analogue inputs can be used as:

    • Pressure Inputs such as Oil, Boost, Fuel, Air etc

    • Temperature Inputs such as Coolant, Oil, Air etc

    • Can also be used as On-Off- inputs

    • User editable input names

  • Voltage of supply  battery

  • Engine running hours / Service Timer with voltage trigger

  • Each function has customizable high and low ‘Caution’ and ‘Alarm’ set points

  • Each function has preset sensors or can be calibrated to suit almost any sensor

  • 2 Outputs, individually selectable from any function can be enabled to switch relay outputs

  • CAN Bus output for later development such as OBDII and Datalogger integration

  • Flash upgradable software


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