Land Rover 300 Tdi

This is a full kit for the Land Rover 300Tdi engine as fitted to Defenders and Discovery 1 MANUAL

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The kit includes the EMS3 display unit with wiring harness and mounting bracket.
This kit will provide the following functions for Defenders pre-selected. If you want a kit for Discovery 300Tdi Unselect / Select the appropriate items for Discoveries:

  • EGT (Exhaust Gas temperature)
  • Engine Coolant Temperature is measured in the OEM position on DEFENDERS
  • Engine Coolant Level is measured with a 1/2 BSP Plastic plug on DEFENDERS and the 1/2 BSP Brass plug in DISCOVERIES. This is done purely to keep the Discovery gauge working for aesthetic purposes.
  • A cheaper alternative for coolant level is to use two Stainless steel screws into the Coolant bottle, no sensor needed.
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Transfer Box Oil Temperature
  • Boost
  • Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • Engine RPM from ‘W’ of Alternator
  • Engine Running Hours

The unit provides 2 outputs that can be optionally connected to external relays to control a dual battery, cooling fan, water/meth spray or an external alarm/light. Relays can be purchased separately.


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